Pipe Piling

Pipe Piles

Lally Pipe piles is a pipe piles fabricator and distributor that supplies ERW and SEAMLESS steel pipe piling for deep foundation projects in North America.

Steel piling pipe is a structural pipe suitable for applications in buildings, docks, retaining walls, and structures needing a solid, dependable steel piling pipe as its foundation.

Steel pipe piles are designed by engineers to transfer structural loads through the foundation to competent soils below.  Pipe piles are especially efficient as friction piles, and in many cases a cost effective option to end bearing H-Piles.

Lally is America’s largest single source of New Secondary, Structural, and Limited Service Tubular Products and customized solutions.  We fabricate and stock our tubular products at several U.S.-based facilities in a wide variety of sizes up to 24” O.D.  And we offer essential services like beveling, cutting to length, splicing to length, attaching conical points and end plates, and O.D. coatings.

Lally Pipe Piling options handily beat Mill options when it comes down to the lowest support cost per ton.  And it’s the Greenest option too.  So contact us when you are looking for:

  • Steel Pipe Piles
  • Rushed Construction Schedule
  • Tough Driving Conditions
  • High Strength Materials
  • Pile Set-Up
  • Increased Pile Loads
  • Lowest Support Cost Per Ton
  • Greenest Options

Learn more at www.LallyPiles.com.

Taper Tube Type Pile Extensions


Taper Tube Type Pile Extensions on Lally Pipe Piles

We received a call the other day from a customer asking us if we can attach taper tube type pile extensions to Lally Steel Pipe Piles?  Our answer was, “Yes, of course, we can.”  Then we realized that you might not know that either.  That’s the reason for this quick blog post.

We can attach your taper tube type pile extensions to Lally Pipe Piles, and deliver the finished piles to your job site.  That means you don’t need to run around coordinating all those tricky things at once.

We also attach conical points, end plates, and other piling accessories to Lally Pipe Piling.

Lally has enormous inventories of New Secondary, Structural, and Limited Service tubular products on hand for quick delivery from our very own full-service yards in AL, AR, KY, OH and TX.  Which means if you need something in a hurry, we just may be able to make it happen quicker than you think.

For more information visit www.LallyPiles.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Is this how you feel when trying to find pipe piles for fast breaking jobs?

Man in painDriving pipe piling is not easy.  And fast breaking jobs add pressure.  We can assure you the challenge you experience getting pipe piles for fast breaking jobs is something we can help you with.

As the leader in cut to length and spliced to length pipe piles from stock, we’re the “Other Pipe Pile Vendor” you need in your toolbox.

So add us to your bid list and give us a try on your next project.  With savings up to 20% or more, we’re the secret for more low bids.  We’re Game Changers.

All of us at LALLY stand ready to help you with some pipe piles.  We’re incredibly effective.  And best of all, we’re easy to work with.

Visit www.LallyPiles.com and give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pipe Piles


Pipe Piles, Spliced to Length, With Boot Plates Attached, Ready to Drive

Lally Pipe & Tube specializes in supplying Steel Pipe Piling in sizes up to 24″ O.D. from inventory for bridges, civil engineering works, docks, energy, harbors, high-rise buildings, marine structures, and power station designed projects.  Every day, we help people just like you with Pipe Pile.  We’re PIPEXPERTS®.

Since 1933, we have supplied thousands of Piling Pipe projects.  Lally is the steel distributor vendor you need in your toolbox for cut to length and spliced to length Steel Pipe Piles from stock.

Here are eight reasons to add Lally Pipe & Tube to your bid list:

  • Quick shipments
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Save up to 20% or more
  • Massive steel pipe inventory
  • Cut to length and spliced to length
  • Attach conical points, end plates, etc.
  • High strength material options
  • Ready to drive

For more information visit www.LallyPiles.com