WHAT IS “USED” PIPE. Jeopardy! Semantics is big business for some suppliers.

> It’s up to 50 years old.
> It’s scrap from decommissioned oil wells in the North Sea.
> It’s “USED.”
> It’s checked for radiation.
> It’s hydro cleaned and has telltale swirl marks on the exterior.
> It’s imported into Northeast American ports.
> It’s marketed as “SURPLUS.”
> It’s fabricated into Pipe Piles, Helical Piles, and Micropiles.
> It’s marketed as “NEW” to project owners.
> It’s “USED” that became “SURPLUS” that became “NEW.”
> It’s time to check your paperwork.
#Tubulars #LallyPipe #Pipe #SteelPipe #Piling #PilingPipe #MicroPile #Helical #DeepFoundations #FoundationPiles

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