Used vs. Surplus Steel Pipe

We received a call the other day from a customer asking us if we could explain the difference between Used and Surplus Steel Pipe.  Our answer was, “Yes, of course we can.”  Then we realized that you may not know that either.  That’s the reason for this post.



Previously used for transmission of a product as a line; structural application; down hole exploratory or production of petroleum product; or as casing or conduit.


No previous usage, but may have existed in inventory for a length of time; been exposed to weather elements; records lost in a liquidation sale, resulting in untraceable-origin, manufacture or grade as produced.

(According to National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors, Inc. Tubular Products Manual, Fifth Edition, 2013, Page 139)


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1 thought on “Used vs. Surplus Steel Pipe

  1. This post has generated some questions. Here are the questions and answers. What is Decommissioned Pipe? Decommissioned Pipe is a fancy term for Used Pipe. If Decommissioned Pipe is hydro-cleaned, what is it called? Used Pipe. Can Used Pipe be called Surplus Pipe? No, Surplus Pipe, by definition, has had “no previous usage.”

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