LALLY MIN-YIELD™ Specification


New mill secondary tubular products are recognized as an industry standard for use in applications such as bollards, casing, columns, culverts, fencing, piling, rollers, sign poles, supports, water well, etc.  Experienced users of these products prefer secondary material for these applications due to stock availability, installation and in-service performance, longstanding use, and lower price.

Learn more about this money-saving tubular option by reading our informative Product Data Sheet.

LALLY MIN-YIELD™ Specification

June 2014

  1. This specification covers nominal (average) wall tubular products in sizes up to 26” O.D. made by the Electric Resistance Weld (E.R.W.) or Seamless process.  The seams of the welded material are longitudinal.
  2. This standard is intended for general structural tubular applications for bollards, casing, columns, culverts, fencing, piling, rollers, sign poles, supports, water well, etc.
  3. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety problems, if any, associated with its use.  It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices, and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.
  4. The tubular products were made by major domestic mills using one or more of the following processes:  open-hearth, basic-oxygen, or electric-furnace.
  5. These tubular products were generally produced to Standard Pipe, Line Pipe, or Oil Country Tubular Goods specifications, and then classified as reject or mill seconds.
  6. We do not know the reasons for these tubular products being rejected by the mills.  These tubular products can be rejected by the mills for many reasons such as O.D. dimensions, I.D. or drift dimensions, wall thickness dimensions, chemistry, surface condition, tensile and yield, threads, non-technical issues like order overage, etc.  Normally, it will not meet the intended ASTM, API, or customer specification that it was produced to.  When these tubular products do not meet the intended specification, the mill classifies the material as reject, and it is shipped to Lally Pipe & Tube facilities.
  7. We will check the O.D., I.D., wall thickness, straightness, and general surface condition.  We will further check for any applicable customer requirements.
  8. We will verify the physical requirements via one or more Independent Test Report(s) taken from randomly selected samples of Lally Pipe & Tube inventory lot(s).  This testing will include chemical analysis per ASTM-E415 and mechanical testing per ASTM-A370 for yield, tensile and elongation.
  9. Table 1 – LALLY MIN-YIELD™ Specification











LALLY 35K  MIN-YIELD™ 35,000 psi n/a n/a
LALLY 42K  MIN-YIELD™ 42,000 psi n/a n/a
LALLY 45K  MIN-YIELD™ 45,000 psi n/a n/a
LALLY 50K  MIN-YIELD™ 50,000 psi n/a n/a
LALLY 80K  MIN-YIELD™ 80,000 psi n/a n/a

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