General Definition of New Secondary, Structural & Limited Service Steel Pipe

The use of New Secondary, Structural and Limited Service steel pipe for bollards, casing (horizontal and vertical), columns, fabrication, original equipment manufacturers, piling, service centers, resellers, and water well has been recognized as the industry standard for many years as a sensible money-saving solution.

Periodically, we are asked to provide a general definition of New Secondary, Structural and Limited Service steel pipe.  Here is a general definition taken from the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors 1996 edition of the Tubular Products Manual:

Producing mills, at the time of manufacturing, reject pipe which cannot be classified as a prime product because of some physical or chemical defect.  This material is sold by the mills to steel pipe distributors, steel products [sic], fabricators, and consumers.

Mill rejects are sold on an as is basis and carry no warranty of any kind either expressed or implied.

Reject pipe is available in CW, ERW, DSAW and Seamless, in all sizes, weights, and classes of material.  Although reject pipe carries no warranty whatsoever, it can have application for structural purpose.  [Emphasis added.]  Some typical examples where reject pipe has been used are:  handrails, columns, posts, piling, sand wash, casing, culverts, fence, caissons, sign poles, bumpers, bracing, parking meter posts, towers, supports, rollers, etc.  Reject pipe is normally priced substantially under prime pipe and can affect large savings in the right application.  [Emphasis added.]  However, the buyer should be kept continually aware that this material carries no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied from the producing mill or the pipe distributor.

Reject pipe is also known in the trades as structural grade pipe and/or Limited Service Pipe.  In certain instances, encompasses pipe which is manufactured to a specific ASTM or API specification, but because of some chemical or physical flaw does not meet the rigid requirements [emphasis added] of the intended specification.  This pipe could be subjected to lesser hydrostatic test pressures than the original specifications required and this product could be classified as Limited Service or Minimum Test Pipe.  Limited Service or Minimum Test Pipe of this description can have application in low pressure situations such as water well or surface casing.  Generally, when Limited Service Pipe has been subjected to a minimum test it will be clearly marked on the product.

Since 1933, Lally Pipe & Tube has provided New Secondary, Structural and Limited Service customized steel pipe solutions to thousands of projects large and small.  So whether you need material in days or weeks, we can help you with Game-Changer customized solutions for your situation.

To learn more, contact any of our sales offices listed at  And let’s do some business together.

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