Floor Mount Bollards

Floor Mounted Bollards

Lally Pipe & Tube specializes in supplying Steel Pipe Bollards in sizes up to 24” O.D. from inventory for Perimeter Protections, Traffic Control, Safety, and Parking.  Every day, we help people just like you bollard posts.  We’re PIPEXPERTS®.

Since 1933, we have supplied thousands of projects.  Lally is the vendor you need in your toolbox for:

  • Stationary Embedded Bollards
  • Floor Mounted Bollards
  • Removable Pipe Bollards
  • High Security Bollards
  • Marine Bollards
  • Products Bollards

So add us to your bid list for Steel Pipe Bollards and give us a try on your next project.  With savings up to 20% or more, we’re the secret for more low bids.  We’re Game Changers.

All of us at LALLY stand ready to help you with some Bollards.  We’re incredibly effective.  And best of all, we’re easy to work with.

Visit and give us a call.

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